plonka surfboard plonka surfboard

  1. The donation : 

    The recycled boards program is based on a donation of at least 3 school boards and/or SOFTECH boards used and broken. In return, the workshop ensures the donor the furniture of a free recycled PLONKA board. Donations ( if possible ) must be delivered to the workshop directly otherwise we will organise their pick up ( must be done in coordination with the workshop ). Contact us

  2. The demand  :

How can we answer the demand for better ecological surfboards? Kevin Olsen Surfboards shows that it is now possible with a Recycling program - without any performance loss-  our 4R ( Reuse-Reduce-Recycle-Reshape ) surfboards are sold in stock at the workshop or on order. Always taking into account  to the customer feedback, the shapes of our boards gets modernised from year to year.

All models of the PLONKA TM range can benefit from this recycling program. By using organic ENTROPY resin we guarantee a greener recycling process (less resin, less wastage, no solvant). The boards are lighter and stronger. 

Kevin Olsen's 4R boards are available at €700 (up to 6 ' 2 "):   



True to its core values: work, passion, determination, sharing and collaboration with others, Kevin Olsen promotes safe and secure environmentally friendly production spaces. The Board recycling program celebrates 10 years spent in this passion of making surfboards. The Board recycling program is part of our vision of the future where we combine originality and new idea.