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The HardCork Technology :
- It's inventor "Bufo" Rouven Brauers , shaper based in Germany.
- Under exclusif French license, held by Kevin Olsen, shaper based in France, Hossegor.
- All Kevin Olsen Surfboards models can benefit from the HardCork technology.
- Default price, up to 6'2" is : 1 000 €


- The HardCork technology consists of a 3-dimensional glassing construction made of cork and flax or carbon fibers.
- The HardCork technology provides provides outstanding strength to weight ratio.  25% lighter. 
- Superior dampening properties of the Hardcork technoly leads to better control over the surfboard and higher speeds.
- Construction with the Hardcorl technology avoids delamination and has a much higher crack resistance than other boards.
- Production process is 100% solvent free.
- All boards are vacuum glassed in a non waste process. No peel ply, breather,bleeder needed.
- The resin is a bio based epoxy at 80%.
- The amount of resin got reduced by adding cork.
- The cork is very water resistant, it does not rot like wooden stringers do.
- The cork protects the EPS or PU core against UV and heat.
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