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  • Surfboard Shapers Workshops available with Kevin Olsen Surfboards throughout the year, course take 5 days (monday to friday), dates are flexible and according to your needs
  • This is the best opportunity for all surfers who dream of shaping their first board or want to go further in their knowledge about shaping
  • Shape , create , design and manufacture your own personal surfboard with Kevin Olsen
  • Have the pleasure of surfing your own master piece
  • Kevin Olsen offers an unique opportunity : shapers workshops & surf


Shapers Workshop (5 days - 1200€ includes the surfboard)

OG-Atelier offers Surfboard Shapers Workshops at the factory in Capbreton and surf on the best surf spots in Capbreton,Hossegor and Seignosse.

  • No prior knowledge of shaping is required.
  • Your level of surfing, your size & weight, your surfing objectifs, your desired model, designand deco are taken into account in this custom , one-to-one training 
  • All the techniques of shaping, glazing and sanding will be presented to you (nevertheless, the training focuses on the shaping while the other steps are just introduiced to you briefly)
  • The days are dense, approximately 6 hours of activities per day. Surfing sessions with Kevin Olsen might occur during the working days depending on the forecast : it is a good opportunity for the shaper trainer to assess your surfing level and comprehend better your expectations.
  • Instruction in shaping is a private course.
  • The goal remains  that you take pleasure in making your own surfboard and become enriched with the basics knowledge of shaping. 
  • We organize in parallel an optionnal workshop on the glassing and the sanding


Complementary workshop on glassing and sanding ( extra - 300 €)

  • This workshop comes on top of the shaper workshop, as the comprehension of all the manufacturing phases require to take more time for detailed explainations for a better instruction
  • Learn to repair a surfboard, learn to glass, learn to sand involve techniques, products and tools that cannot been taught quickly throught the shaping workshop


Logistic organisation

  • It is best to plan to take 7 day,  as the surfing with Kevin Olsen may occur during the weekend as we never know what the forecast would be
  • Self catering accommodation in Hossegor can be offered at an additional cost, please have a direct look under the rental website which manages them :


  • Transport on site : workshop - surf spot are included in your training
  • Transport from Dax or Bayonne airport or train station to Capbreton - Hossegor - Seignosse at an additional cost of 50 € per trip per person.

Adresse :    OG ATELIER - 4 rue Pitey - ZA les deux pins - 40 130 CAPBRETON

Téléphone : +33 (0)6 26 32 87 59

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